Q – I have never been there; what is it like?
A – This Total Eclipse Camping Experience will be a gathering of people who want to have a safe, comfortable, and convenient place to watch the Total Solar Eclipse on April 8th, 2024.  The Hickory Hill Lakes campground is used for the annual Country Concert which is the Midwest’s Premier Music and Camping Festival with Superstar Entertainment, 

Q - Where are the Bands and Food Trucks located
A - The Lunar Saloon Entertainment area is a large building with a stage.  It is centrally located in the campgrounds.  It has open sides.  During the Country Concert it is the Saloon Stage.

Q – Are coolers allowed at this event and in the Lunar Saloon Entertainment area?
A – Coolers are welcome. You can have any size cooler in the campgrounds. In the Entertainment area there is a maximum cooler size of 14” x 14” x 14” (so they fit under your lawn chair). You may bring in alcohol, but no glass, please. 

Q – Is re-entry allowed in the Entertainment area?
A – Yes, you can leave the Entertainment area and return to your camper as many times as you like.  Everyone in the campground and Lunar Saloon Entertainment area must have a camping wristband.

Q – Is parking available and what is the cost?
A – No on-site day parking is available for this event.  You must have a campsite where your vehicle will be parked.

Q – Do I need to bring a lawn chair?
A – The Lunar Saloon Entertainment building and area is grass and gravel. You can bring lawn chairs.

Q – What will I receive in the mail when I buy tickets?
A – When you reserve a campsite you will receive a “PickUp Receipt” with all the items you ordered listed. Treat it like cash and bring the PickUp Receipt with you to the Event. It will be redeemed for the camping unit and vehicle permits and camping wristbands that you purchased.  You will be mailed a Pickup Receipt after Jan 1, 2024.

Q – Are children free?
A – Everyone at your campsite must have a campground wristband.  Two come with each Camping Permit.  You can purchase 6 more for a total of 8 people per campsite.  Children 9 and under do not need a campground wristband.

Q – Pets?
A – Pets are not allowed in the Campgrounds. This means the campground and the Lunar Saloon Entertainment Area.  

Q – What items are prohibited?
A – For the safety of everyone attending Total Eclipse Camping Experience, weapons, picnic tables, furniture, fire rings, swimming pools, wheeled carts, wagons, air pressure type sprayers or squirt guns, kegs, bongs, funnels, metal flag poles, chaise lounges, portable carports, fireworks, monster trucks, 4-wheelers, golf carts, and water balloons are prohibited on the grounds. All prohibited items will be confiscated. Cruising in the campgrounds is not permitted.  Persons engaging in violent or unruly behavior will be immediately ejected from the grounds and may be subject to arrest. No refunds will be given for tickets or camping permits.

Q - What do I need to be in the campground?
A - Everyone in the Campground must have a Campground wristband (except children 9 and under). 

Q – What is included when I buy a Camping Permit?
A – A Camping Permit includes one Camping Unit Pass (RV, Tent, etc.), one Vehicle Pass, and two Campground Wristbands. You can purchase up to 6 more Campground Wristbands at a nominal cost, for a total of 8 people per campsite. Everyone in the campgrounds must have a  Campground Wristband (except children 5 and under). 

Q – Can I park my car overnight?
A – There is no Overnight Car Parking available. Your car/vehicle will be parked at your campsite.

Q – Do you have shuttle buses?
A – The Lunar Saloon Entertainment area is centrally located in the campgrounds.  There are no shuttle busses.

Q – Porta Johns and showers?
A – There will be Porta Johns located throughout the campgrounds.  There will be no shower buildings or trailers.

Q – What size tent can I use in the Campgrounds?
A – The maximum size tent allowable is 15’ x 15’ or a maximum of 225 sq. ft. (if it’s not square). All our campground rules related to spacing, sizes, and number of people are part of Health Department regulations and good for everyone’s comfort, enjoyment and safety.

Q – What size are the campsites?
A - The campsites range from approximately 26’ x 45’ to 30’ x 50’, with some sites having size limitations.

Q – What about campfires, tiki torches, grilling, etc.?
A – Due to the number of camping units, people and safety issues, no open flames are allowed in any of the campgrounds. That includes campfires, tiki torches, etc.; nothing with an open flame. Grilling on an above ground charcoal or gas grill is OK.

Q – Do you have pumping services for campers?
A – A company will provide pumping services for a fee.

Q – What are the use policies on sites with Electric and Water?
A – Total Eclipse Camping Experience  has a campground water and electric system. Campers who rent a site with water and electric can have one electric cord and one water hose hooked to the camping unit only. No outside watering, pool filling, sprinkling, etc. is permitted. Campers should arrive with a full tank of fresh water, and empty black and grey tanks.